Diamond Car Works can truly say its products are tested and proven...on the owner's 15" gauge backyard railroad. It was building equipment for this private empire that brought railroad equipment into the line of products offered by Don Guill's steel fabrication business in the Cincinnati area. Below are several photos showing the Shandon & Okeana and its rolling stock over its five years of existence. Please note this is a private railroad and is not open to the public.

Custom Locomotive F7 A-B-B-A

Shandon depot/enginehouse and miniature village

Live steam Atlantic #97 as-arrived (left) and after re-gauging/cosmetic work at Diamond Car

Snow! Winter 2005

15" gauge steam outline version of Norfolk & Western "J" class 4-8-4 #611!

The FA, original S&O motive power (sold in 2003)

Tunnel/storage facility and manmade lake on Shandon & Okeana

F7 with Diamond Car Works steel passenger coaches

Two of Diamond Car Works steam engines

Amtrak train and the Shandon Depot at night

Gondola cars at the Shandon Railroad

Diamond Car Works speeder and steam engine

Amtrak engine with gondola cars